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Life science and Chemicals

Building a culture of courage and hiring innovative minds to help counter uncertainty

With the onset of fourth industrial revolution the life sciences and chemical companies started on new journey where synergy is much required than the past. Pricing pressure and expiring patents and the demand of generics is making companies to be on an always innovation path to meet the consumer expectations.

Securing market adhering to global regulations being the main priorities of the industry and securing the top talent is another which is solely dependent on companies HR and TAC teams. With HR, becoming a business partner the Talent acquisition challenges are being assigned to the professional staffing and recruitment partners like Strance HR Solutions who can take up critical talent acquisition challenges.

Who can we help You and Why Strance?

Job responsibilities are shifting throughout the organization and Job descriptions are being replaced by competency profiles, simple lab jobs are requiring new skills like planning, processing and analysis. With a thinning deck of market talent pool you need a recruitment partner who can look understand the game and look form your perspective.

Being an HR Company we put employees first and who in return bring benefits for both customers and investors. Our relationship with the clients have been alive for more than 8 years and we are proud of this feat of customer service and commitment. We know the cost of open position and we never do the guess work in presenting talent for your next evaluation. We deploy brightest recruiters for your mandates who uses technology, and array of assessment skills for Hiring Accuracy.

Sectors we work for:

Medical Devices and Equipment
Research and Development
API manufacturing
Drug Discovery

Contract research
Marketing Sales and Logistics
Speciality Chemicals
Industrial gases

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