Work Place Diversity

Your workplace reflects the makeup of greater society and your corporate philosophy.

job seekers use diversity as an important factor when considering companies and job offers
Increase in gender and racial diversity leads to 3% to 9% increase in sales revenue.
of business professionals believe business have a responsibility to look beyond profit and make a positive impact on society

With the begning of 2019 and changing workplaces, talent acquisition leaders next focus is to take diversity and inclusion strategy from paper to performance, as it has been proved now by the recent McKinsey study, that companies who are more gender diverse are 21% more likely to outperform others; those which are ethnically diverse are 33% more likely to outperform others. These figures cannot be ignored anymore.

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Strance has been on forefront for diversity hiring needs of its clients for their inclusion needs, we have been developing strategies and hiring plans and have significantly raised the diversity ratio in their work place with tangible results. If you are set to have a diverse workplace we are ready to take headon your inclusion challenges.

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